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Reach Higher Montana
space 40 West 6th Ave. Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 422-1275
Toll free: (877) COLG4ME (265-4463)
Conference Room: (406) 495-7432
Fax: (406) 495-7852
Kelly Cresswell, Executive Director
Phone: (406) 422-1275, Ext. 804
eMail: kcresswell@reachhighermontana.org
Rhonda Safford, Programs Manager
Phone: (406) 422-1275, Ext. 800
eMail: rsafford@reachhighermontana.org
Kelli Street, Marketing Director
Phone: (406) 422-1275, Ext. 805
eMail: kstreet@reachhighermontana.org
Rebecca Connors, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (406) 422-1275, Ext. 806
eMail: rconnors@reachhighermontana.org
Marti Johnson, Programs Coordinator
Phone: (406) 422-1275, Ext. 802
eMail: mjohnson@reachhighermontana.org
Lisa Leland, Programs Coordinator
Phone: (406) 422-1275, Ext. 803
eMail: lleland@reachhighermontana.org


Reach Higher Montana has advisors located in communities across Montana. Our expert advisors help students create educational plans, explore their career options, connect them with educational programs that will support those opportunities, and guide them through the finer details of applying and paying for school.

Great Falls Area Advisor
Allen Heisler
Butte Area Advisor
Cullen Gilbreath
Bozeman Area Advisor
Cullen Gilbreath
Missoula Area Advisor
Steven Coop
Billings Area Advisor
Jennifer Almli
Flathead Valley Area Advisor
Mike Lincoln
Reach Higher Montana