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FAFSA Resources for Educators

Reach Higher Montana gives you the tools and resources to support your high school’s FAFSA needs. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an integral part of applying for college, scholarships, workstudies, grants, and more. Use our information to help your students reach higher!

The FAFSA for the 2020-2021 school year will be available October 1, 2019. Income information to complete the FAFSA will come from the 2018 tax return. Be sure to complete and submit the FAFSA by December 1. That’s the priority deadline for most Montana colleges.

FAFSA Resources We Love

These pages and tools will help you and your students through the FAFSA process.

  • FSA ID - Start with the FSA ID. Before you can file the FAFSA, you need to have an FSA ID.
  • Federal Student Aid - FAFSA filing starts here.
  • FAFSA Mobile App - You can now file your FAFSA from anywhere; even from your phone. There are a lot of great perks to filing from your phone, but do note that the IRS data retrieval tool is not yet available via the mobile app.
  • Completing the FAFSA Form - This is a comprehensive guide produced by studentaid.gov that outlines every detail of the FAFSA. Use the table of contents to locate answers for specific topics.
  • Reach Higher Montana FAFSA FB Live events - Visit our RHM Calendar to see when the next Facebook FAFSA Live event is!
  • FAFSA – Step by Step Video - Our video guide is great for visual learners! We walk you through FAFSA basics so you can be a FAFSA expert.
  • An Educator’s Guide to FAFSA - The RHM Guide is a comprehensive overview of the FAFSA process. We cover frequently asked questions, potential challenges and best practices so that you can smoothly navigate through the process.
  • Form Your Future Social Media Tools - Their social media posts are a fun way to inspire students to get their FAFSA filed!

FAFSA Events

FAFSA events bring students and families together to discuss the importance of filing the FAFSA for college. It’s not just financial aid; filing the FAFSA is important for scholarships, federal grants, work study opportunities, and more. Help attendees learn why the FAFSA matters and how easy it is to file!

  • The FAFSA Event Guide - Our guide walks you through every step in executing a successful FAFSA Event. From timelines to checklists, we got you covered!
  • Financial Aid Contacts - College financial aid departments are truly the FAFSA experts! They’re a great resource to ask FAFSA questions to or help host your event. Without a college in your community? Email us at info@ReachHigherMontana.org and we’ll put you in touch with a financial aid services contact.

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Reach Higher Montana The FAFSA - Step by Step
Featuring Rhonda Safford and Rebecca Connors
Reach Higher Montana
Reach Higher Montana Chat with FAFSA Experts - FB Live Oct. 14th
Featuring Rhonda Safford and Janet Riis
Reach Higher Montana

An Educator's Guide to FAFSA

Educator's, you've got this!
Helping students and families file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) just got a whole lot easier with our FAFSA Guide.