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Financial Literacy

Reach Higher Montana advisors are available to help Montana educators share important financial information with students. They visit classrooms and other youth groups to provide presentations on the steps to get to college, how to use financial aid to help pay for college, and financial literacy topics.

Students learn personal finance basics through the online financial education program, Financial Avenue®. The program provides an interactive, educational format to teach personal money management - information to start students on the road to wise financial management. Provided in partnership with Inceptia, National College Access Network (NCAN) and SAF.
More than 100 lesson plans and related classroom teaching materials related to financial literacy topics. Developed and updated as needed by educators who are part of a nationwide FEFE Master Teachers Program.
Students select topics with certain point values and compete to answer questions about their school, credit, loans, debt, budgeting, and other financial literacy concepts and terminology. Points are awarded for correct answers. Game is over when all the game squares have been chosen.
Students learn the basics of budgeting for college life in this fun, interactive game. Developed in conjunction with the Montana Credit Union Network.
Students learn the meaning of basic financial aid terms such as grants, loans and work-study. The game also teaches basic information about how interest works on student loans and why postsecondary education is important, obtainable and possible for every student.
Scarlett and Mary from Bigfork