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Students and families who are looking for ways to pay for postsecondary education should make scholarships a significant part of their plan.

Scholarships are money for school that doesn’t need to be repaid, and they are distributed to students for excellence in academics, skill in sports, financial need, or even the desire to pursue a certain career path. There really is one, or more, out there for everyone. That includes you! In fact, there are scholarships for crafting prom attire out of duct tape; being left-handed; skateboarding; and much more.

Begin searching at least a year before you plan on starting school. To find scholarships, ask your high school counselor, the financial aid staff at the postsecondary school you want to attend, or check out our scholarship search on Scholly.

Also, our knowledgeable advisors are available to help you in your search.

Montana students can begin their search right here, with $1,000 scholarships delivered by Reach Higher Montana.

Reach Higher Montana Scholarships

#406students #406parents #406educators

These $1,000 scholarships are delivered to Montana students annually.

To qualify, applicants must be:

  • Montana high school seniors.
  • Montana residents who graduated from a Montana high school and are currently attending a Montana college or university.
  • Planning on attending school at least half time.
  • Maintaining a 2.5 grade point average (GPA)

To apply: Scholarship applications are available Dec. 1 - Jan. 15.

Current Applicants: Log in to upload additional documentation.

Reach Higher Montana Scholarship Recipients

Meet our past Reach Higher Montana Scholarship (formerly Circle of Success) recipients.

Allison from Bozeman