Be a Master of Time Management


One big difference between high school and college is how you managed your time.

When chatting with college students, the biggest difference they found between high school and college was how they managed their time. So what’s the difference between the two? In high school, students noted that everything was structured for them - from school, sports, studying - someone was always there to ensure they were always on task. Plus, their schedules were jammed packed with all the aforementioned duties; they always had something going on. When they get to college, students often find that they have more
unstructured time and are unsure how to handle this new found independence.

It’s important for all students to prioritize their studies and not fall into the trap that when there is free time, that means Netflix and chill. No joke.

Check out this video for time management hacks (

There’s an App for that
Todoist is an app that has rave reviews for student time management. It syncs with all your other time management apps - like calendar and lists - to help you keep track of everything in one place. It provides vibrant visualizations to see how you’re doing on projects, emails reminders to you, and has some clever little features which will make you super organized. It’s worth checking out, especially since the download is free.

Listen to MSU student, Kieran’s experience with managing time.

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Time Management