Six Methods For Choosing Your Career

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These methods can help you to narrow down your interests, and find a career.

What are you doing for the next 45 years? 

Most people start working for their living about age 20 and retire about age 65. That’s 45 years! Choosing a career you will enjoy and excel at during those years can be both exciting and challenging. We are all individuals. Each of us have activities we really enjoy doing and we tend to do well at things we enjoy. To choose the best  career field for yourself: (1) determine your strongest interests and (2) find a career that matches your interests. Here are 6 methods you should use to find your strongest interests and a career that matches those interests. 

Tracking: Each morning take a few minutes and answer this question. What would I do today if I could do anything I wanted to? (Remove all mental restrictions such as money, age, etc.)  When you have your answer, write in down. After 30 to 60 days look at your list and see what you wrote down the most. This is one of your strongest interests!

Million Dollar Question: Give this some serious thought! If you won 45 million dollars in a lottery what would you do from age 20 to 65? Your answer indicates a strong interest you have. 

When I was younger, my answer was to buy a large ranch (interest in agriculture) and teach at a high school (interest in helping people). I now own a small ranch with horses and cattle and I help high school students choose their careers. The million dollar question method worked for me, it can work for you!

Trying Various Classes: List at least 3 classes at your school or elsewhere you would like to attend to experience various career fields. Now enroll!

 As a sophomore in high school, my daughter tried various elective classes in business, video production, etc. When she was finishing her health occupations course, she realized she wanted to work in a medical field. Today she is an emergency room nurse.

Job Shadow / Talk to People: During a job shadow, you will follow and observe an experienced employee as they do their job so you can determine if their career is a good fit for you. List 3 jobs you want to shadow. 

Recently, I helped a student obtain a job shadow at a 2nd grade class. She is now in college earning her education degree.

Another good way to learn about careers is to simply talk with people who have careers that interest you. List people you want to talk to about their careers. Now contact them!

Your counselor can help you obtain job shadows and connect you with people you want to interview.

Part Time Jobs: List 3 part-time jobs you would like to apply for to experience various career areas. Now apply for those jobs! Your counselor can help here as well. 

Interest Inventory: Interest inventories are a set of questions that ask you what you like and dislike. When you finish answering the questions, you will be shown careers that match your interests. You can take an on-line interest inventory by going to Montana Career Information System. After logging-in, click on Assessments and then click on Career Cluster Inventory. Interest inventories are fun to take!

Use all 6 methods shown above to help you choose your career. Your counselor, teachers, parents and Reach Higher Montana advisor can help you.

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High school student being mentored during their computer technology internship