Benefits of staying in Montana for College


Staying in-state for college eliminates a lot of extra charges and expense.

Graduation from high school is such an exciting time and leads to so many different opportunities and choices for students. Should you go to college? Two-year? Four-year? Advanced degree? Trade school? Maybe take a year and work to earn some money before you decide?  

Once an individual decides to go to college, there are many, many different choices to be made. Narrow down your choices by selecting schools that offer your Major of Interest or Program of Study. Staying in-state for college eliminates a lot of extra charges and expense that occur when a student is classified as out-of-state.  

Montana in particular, has a wide variety of choices for college. Montana schools offer an overall lower cost compared to neighboring states, while providing the benefit of a quality education relatively close to home. For academic year 2021-2022, the average tuition & fees for Colleges in Montana was $4,547 for in-state and $13,732 for out-of-state. The amount was lower than the national average. The 2022 national average tuition & fees was $6,758 for in-state students and $17,900 for out-of-state students. Check out the numbers

Montana colleges also offer athletics, extra-curricular activities and opportunities that are available at out of state colleges, at a much lower cost. Reach Higher Montana has compiled a comprehensive list of colleges and universities in Montana with links to programs and degree offerings. Each individual college website will have detailed information regarding programs and degrees available as well as scope and sequences for each pathway.  

Do the homework before committing to a school. Make sure it fits not only your budget but your  lifestyle and interests. Another valuable resource for students detailing all Montana college information is Montana Career Information Systems (MCIS), through Montana Job Service. This site is free and contains up to date information to aid in college selection. 

Montana is a large, beautiful state with a lot to offer. Consider all of the options, research the schools and take the time to make an educated decision when it comes to higher education.

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Montana high school students learning the benefits of going to a Montana college