Zoe's Blog - What I wish my Freshman Self Knew


I have a lot of advice to give incoming freshmen who may be scared to start a new chapter in their life.

My name is Zoe Brown, and I graduated from Capital High School in 2021. I learned that throughout my high school years I have a lot of advice to give incoming freshmen who may be scared to start a new chapter in their life.

  • My first piece of advice is to take risks. Take a class that you don’t know anyone in, find different clubs that grasp your interest, try out for the soccer team or basketball team. Inserting yourself into different clubs and activities makes high school fun and enjoyable and you can make new friends!
  • My second piece of advice is to ask questions. If you don’t understand something, ask how to do it! I know it can be scary, but a lot of the time those around you are also confused. In 5th grade, I asked so many questions that my teacher joked that I was creating a trail in the carpet from going back and forth between his desk and mine. I was embarrassed, but whenever I got back to my desk, my classmates would ask me what he said and how to do the math problem. Then, in 11th grade, I was in a hard math class where we were learning calculus. I was never afraid to raise my hand and ask a question because I knew the people around me were confused too. Sure enough, my teacher came up to me and told me how grateful he was that I asked questions as no one was willing to speak up. It might be scary, but it is so worth it when the information finally clicks. 
  • My third piece of advice is if you have an idea, execute it! There are so many teachers willing to listen and help with a plan. If you want to go to Harvard, do it! If you want to start your own club at the school, go find a teacher who can act as your advisor, and see if it is possible to make it a club! And if it fails or doesn’t work how you want it to, try again! Making mistakes is a part of growing. You learn from them and do even better the second time. Never give up!
  • My fourth piece of advice is to remember that school should not dictate your whole life. Make sure to take breaks and see friends and family. Make some time for yourself and try not to get overwhelmed with homework and tests. Yes, they are super important and good grades are preferred by colleges, but creating time off is so important for your mental health. Go outside! Watch a movie! Read a book! Draw! Remember that you are more than your grades.
  • My fifth and final piece of advice is to put your phone down and take in every moment. Seniors always tell you that high school goes by so fast, and it is unfortunately true. Remember those funny memories and cherish those teachers who made you enjoy school. It sounds very cliche but it’s true! 

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