Reach Higher Montana Scholarships


Find out more about this scholarship and why we are passionate about helping students.

The Reach Higher Montana scholarship opens on December 1 and closes on January 15. This scholarship is open to Montana high school students (including home school and Hi-Set students) with at least a 2.5 GPA and are planning on attending a Montana college in the fall. We also have a category for current college students. These students must also be Montana high school graduates that are currently attending a Montana college and will be entering their second, third, fourth or more year at college. They also have to have a 2.5 GPA.  

We have about 50 community members and partners help Reach Higher Montana staff score all the applications.  Each application gets scored by two evaluators. The evaluators never know who the student is – they see only the student’s first name. The two scores are averaged then run through a weighted reporting formula. From all this we then end up with our top winners for each category, high school and college.

We award between up to 30 - $1,000 high school scholarships and 50 - $1,000 current college scholarships plus one more called the Carl Valvoda military scholarship. This particular scholarship is in memory of one of our co-worker’s son that died from a brain tumor. He was in the military. This scholarship goes to a current college student that is or was in the military. Want to stand out in the crowd? Watch this video and listen to some of  Rhonda's helpful tips.

The Reach Higher Montana scholarship is a special scholarship to our employees. This scholarship was originally started by our employees. The employees knew how expensive school is and wanted to help the students in another way – so it started with employee giving.  

One tip for any students interested in applying for our Reach Higher Montana scholarship - watch carefully which application you are completing!  Each year we have a few students that complete the wrong application. We try to make it very clear which is which – but if you are attending high school – you need to complete the high school application. Dual Enrollment classes do not count as attending college in this case. And the students currently attending college and will be continuing next fall need to complete the Current College student’s application. If you are confused about which one to apply for please contact us.

Reach Higher Montana is passionate about helping Montana high school students achieve personal success in education, career, and life. Our advisors can help guide you along your individual path. To find the closest advisor to you, click here. Stay informed, sign up for our newsletter and like our Facebook and Instagram page so you don’t miss out.