What is the FAFSA and how can it help me?

Quite simply, it is the first step in the process of finding loans, grants and scholarships that will help students pay for their higher education .

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Are you ready to apply to college?

Applying to colleges can be overwhelming if you do not have a good plan in place for managing your time. 

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Choosing the right college

Choosing the right college starts with campus visits.

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Benefits of a Two-Year College

There are many opinions and preconceived notions about two-year schools and the truth actually resides somewhere in the middle.   

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Connecting the Classroom to Careers

There are 5 important skills being learned in the classroom that employers want to see in their future employees.

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What is an ETV?

Paying for college doesn't need to be a barrier for foster youth in Montana.

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Get outside and get involved!  

Our Advisor, Dan Wilkins, wants you to Pull Your Share of Knapweed. 

     Bulletin Board
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Enjoy shop? Have you thought about becoming an industrial technology teacher?

Do you enjoy working with people and enjoy building and repairing things? Becoming an Industrial Technology or “shop teacher” may be the career for…

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Reach Higher Montana, a Change in Direction

As we launch our new strategic plan that guides us to a new direction, one thing that won’t change is our enthusiasm for serving Montana students.

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Virtual College Signing Day

High school seniors embrace Virtual College Signing Day; May 6 Facebook Event added. Event celebrates graduates’ commitment to life after high school.

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