Welcome to Reach Higher Montana's Virtual Summit

Presented by Reach Higher Montana and MT DPHHS

This virtual conference will encompass all of the resources that would have been available during our annual three-day summit.

Welcome! Take some time to watch the welcome video from Melro and hear her inspiring story about going from victim to victor. We encourage you to view all of the videos and resources on each page. 

Career and Employment Learn more about your career and employment options as well as the services you can tap into to get more help.

Adulting and Money Check out the videos and resources to help with paying for college, finding your first apartment, self-care, and so much more.

Education and Support We have everything here, from writing tips to college tours. You are going to want to get comfortable and spend some time here.

Go at your own pace. Spend 20 minutes a day, an hour, or maybe even a weekend watching videos, finding resources, and learning more about what your future holds!


Where to start on your path in life? This covers the resources available to help you succeed, be it college, or cooking.


From tax help and college finances, to budgeting in general, learn what you need to know about managing your money.


How to make your education work for you.

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