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Dual Enrollment Educator Scholarship

Dual Enrollment Educator Scholarship

The Reach Higher Montana Dual Enrollment Educator Scholarship aims to increase high school students’ access to high-quality dual enrollment opportunities by expanding the number of educators eligible to teach courses for college credit, especially in Montana’s small communities.


Educator currently teaching in Montana, preferably in a high school classified as A, B, or C.

Committed to offering dual enrollment course(s) in current school upon completion of educational requirements (Master’s degree, plus nine graduate credits in content area for General Education Core; additional education as needed for Career and Technical Education courses). 

Scholarship Amount:

  • Up to $5,000 per year, for up to two years.
  • Up to two awards will be available in April 2020.

How to Apply:

  • Application opens March 2, 2020.
  • Applications are due by Friday, April 10, 2020.
  • Selection will be announced by Friday, May 15, 2020.

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Meet Our 2019 Winner

Meet Our 2019 Dual Enrollment Educator Scholarship Recipient

Lacey Arthun, Shields Valley Schools

Through the Reach Higher Montana Dual Enrollment Educator Scholarship, Lacey will bring the very first dual enrollment course to Shields Valley School. With completion of her credentials to offer dual enrollment, Lacy will prepare her students for college by offering College Writing for both high school and college credit.

For questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Executive Director, Kelly Cresswell

College Signing Week

It’s time to celebrate! Montana’s College Signing Week is May 4th to May 8th, 2020.

College Signing Day was created to celebrate ALL students making the commitment to pursue postsecondary options. Our goal is to promote excitement and awareness around the importance of making plans beyond high school, at all age levels, whether a student is enrolling in a 2 or 4-year college or university, enlisting in the armed forces, or registering for a certification or trade program.

By participating, you will help to expand opportunities for young people in your community by exposing students to career and college options. This toolkit will provide you with examples and a range of resources and ideas to make your event a success! For any questions, please contact Sam Garetson, GEAR UP Program Manager,, or Maria Lillrose, ETS College Access Manager,

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How to get started

We invite you to pick a date during Montana’s College Signing Week to plan an event.There are many different opportunities for everyone to participate in College Signing Week in your community:

  • Host a school or district-wide College Signing Week event
  • Encourage faculty and staff to wear collegiate gear from their alma maters
  • Create a college spirit day or week where students wear t-shirts from and make paper pennants for the college they plan to attend
  • Partner with local businesses to display College Signing Week posters to advertise.
  • Host a signing table at your school with certificates, photos, and enrollment representatives from colleges, career programs, and military service branches.
  • Share your photos with the media and various social networks with #MontanaCSW #CollegeSigningDay #iEnrolled 
    • Tag @ReachHigherMontana (twitter), @reachhighermontana (instagram), @ReachHigherMontana (facebook)
    • Tag @MontanaUniversitySystem (twitter), @montanauniversitysystem (Instagram), @MontanaUniversitySystem (facebook)

FAFSA Resources

FAFSA Resources

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an integral part of applying for college, scholarships, work-study, grants, and more. Reach Higher Montana gives you the tools and resources to support your student’s FAFSA needs. Use our information to help your students reach higher!

FAFSA Resources We Love

These resources will help you and your students through the FAFSA process.

  • FSA ID - Start with the FSA ID. Before you can file the FAFSA, you need to have an FSA ID. Both the student and one parent (if student is dependent) need to have their own FSA ID.
  • Federal Student Aid - FAFSA filing starts here. Using your FSA ID, login to FAFSA and start finding money for school! The FAFSA opens October 1, and Montana’s priority filing deadline is December 1. To complete the FAFSA, students and parents will need their tax information from two-years prior to the anticipated start of college.
  • IRS Data Retrieval Tool - You will have the option to import tax information directly from the IRS into the appropriate fields on the FAFSA using this tool. This could also prevent your FAFSA being selected for verification, which may slow down processing time.
  • FAFSA Mobile App - You can now file your FAFSA from anywhere; even from your phone. There are a lot of great perks to filing from your phone, as of now the IRS data retrieval tool is not available via the mobile app.
  • Completing the FAFSA Form - This is a comprehensive guide produced by that outlines every detail of the FAFSA. Use the table of contents to locate answers for specific topics.
  • Form Your Future Social Media Tools - The National College Access Network (NCAN) has developed social media posts as a fun way to inspire students to get their FAFSAs filed!
An Educator’s Guide to FAFSA
An Educator’s Guide to FAFSA

Educators: You've got this. Follow our guide to help parents and students file the FAFSA quickly and efficiently!

FAFSA Night Presentation
FAFSA Night Presentation

Use this powerpoint to help walk parents and students through the FAFSA process at your event.

Host Your Own FAFSA Night Event

FAFSA Help events bring students and families together to discuss the importance of filing the FAFSA for college. It’s not just for student loans - filing the FAFSA is important for scholarships, federal grants, work-study opportunities, and more. Help students and parents learn why the FAFSA matters and how easy it is to file!

  • The FAFSA Help Guide – Our guide walks you through every step in executing a successful FAFSA Help event. From timelines to checklists, we’ve got you covered!
  • Financial Aid Contacts – College financial aid staff are truly the FAFSA experts! They’re a great resource to ask FAFSA questions and to help host your event. No college in your community? Email us at and we’ll put you in touch with a financial aid professional.

Want a well-attended event? Use these templates to promote your own FAFSA Night!

FAFSA Best Practices
FAFSA Best Practices

This video covers the Best Practices for hosting your own FAFSA event. From planning to marketing, to helpful hints to make your event go smoothly.

Educator Stories: Joe on FAFSA Nights
Educator Stories: Joe on FAFSA Nights

Joe Michaud from Jefferson High in Boulder, Montana shares how he successfully hosts FAFSA events at his school.

FAFSA Overview
FAFSA Overview

Check out this video to learn about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and why it is an important part of the financial aid process.

How to Fill Out the FAFSA
How to Fill Out the FAFSA

This helpful video will walk you through the steps to fill out the FAFSA.